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Be sure to register today – The first 15 women registered for birth will receive 25% off a standard birth package

We’re celebrating our new birth center by offering 25% off our standard birth package to the first 15 women who are registered to birth at the facility (complete promotion details below, maximum discount $2,000)!1 To start the registration process and to learn more about the birth center, contact us to set up your meet and greet session.

Note: Registration does not disqualify you for the opportunity to enter for and win a free birth package!

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1. To be applicable for 25% off of your standard birth package (maximum credit of $2,000), you must: (1) sign the contract for your birth with California Birth Center, (2) sign up as one of the first 15 patients, (3) have an expected due date within a 9 month period of time from August 1, 2019. Value of prize cannot be redeemed for cash or substituted for another prize and is non-transferable. Cancellation of your birth reservation will forfeit your discount/credit unless deemed an exception in writing by California Birth Center. Promotion will continue until first 15 birth contracts have been completed.

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