The California Birth Center is an all-inclusive facility offering our clients holistic well-woman gynecological care and maternity services including prenatal care, labor support and postpartum follow-up care.
Our staff includes certified midwives with many years of experience. If you are seeking a natural, holistic birth in a comforting environment, you’ve come to the right place.

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Maternity Care Services

We specialize in water birth and offer exclusive, individualized midwifery care tailored to meet the unique needs of your family in our birth center. We believe birth is far more than just a medical procedure; it’s also a passage into parenthood and the celebration of a new human being entering the world. We honor your birth as the enormous transition it is, while providing quality maternity care. We provide holistic, preventative prenatal, birth and postpartum care for you and your baby. We integrate alternative and western modalities with an extensive understanding of herbs and nutrition. We offer informed consent for all standard tests and procedures. We then ask you to decide for yourself what is most appropriate for you.         

Prenatal Care

Prenatal appointments: What to expect during your visits

Our care is family-centered, and we welcome your partner and anyone supporting you through your pregnancy to join us during your visits.  All tests and procedures are discussed, options are presented, and your choices are respected.  We inquire into your feelings and needs and provide necessary support and resources. Each Centering Pregnancy discussion will have a Q&A time at the end.

8-12 Weeks Gestation

Individual care

  • Initial Prenatal Visit
  • Lab Work
  • Nutrition Review
  • Supplements Recommendation
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks
  • Begin online education series
16-20 Weeks Gestation

Centering Pregnancy Begins

  •  Nutrition, supplements, ultrasounds
  • Partners role in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and birth classes review
20-24 Weeks Gestation


  • Nutrition
  • Co-sleeping/safe sleeping
  • Baby growth and development
  • Things to do and avoid
  • Expanding and growing body and baby
24-28 Weeks Gestation


  • Glucose screen at 28 weeks
  • Rh negative/antibody screening
  • Baby ultrasound results 
  • What to watch for
28-32 Weeks Gestation


  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Water birth and land birth
  • Supplement Recommendation
  • Pregnancy and birth video discussion
  • Medical interventions
32-36 Weeks Gestation


  • Group Beta Strep testing and treatment
  • Newborn procedures: Vit. K, Eye Ointment, Newborn Screen
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Circumcision vs. intact
  • Supplements to support ripening for birth
36-38 Weeks Gestation


  • Breastfeeding
  • Hearing Screening, CCHD screening
  • Optimum baby position for a smooth birth
  • Newborn Care: cord care, diaper changing, bathing and more.
  • Visualization and mindset for progressive birth
38-40 Weeks Gestation


  • Homeopathy and herbs for labor, birth and postpartum.
  • Postpartum: what to expect and how to prepare
  • Additional individual appointments
  • Post dates testing and ripening options
  • Involving siblings postpartum
3 & 6 Weeks Postpartum


  • Breastfeeding support
  • Normal baby development
  • Family adjustment
  • Sleeping ideas for baby and family
  • Nutrition and supplements
  • Depression vs. fatigue
  • Infant massage techniques

My body and baby are filled with trust as we grow and expand and prepare to meet each other with courage, determination and love.

Initial Exam

During our personal time together of 75-90 minutes we will:

  • Review your complete medical history and perform a physical exam
  • Discuss, order and draw labs or request copies of records from your former care provider
  • Review packet of information, nutrition, supplements and resources
  • Perform a complete prenatal exam which may include the following based on gestational age:
    • Blood pressure and pulse
    • Weight
    • Urinalysis
    • Assessing baby’s size
    • Listening to baby’s heartbeat beginning at 9 weeks
    • Engage in a comprehensive personalized discussion regarding healthy lifestyle choices, including nutrition, exercise, rest, stress reduction, what to avoid, as well as natural remedies for pregnancy discomforts

Centering Prenatal Exam

Centering Prenatal Care is a wonderful time to feel supported and educated in a group setting. Your personal prenatal appointments will be before, at break, or after the centering group session has ended. During the group discussion time, we explore topics relating to your weeks in pregnancy. Centering pregnancy care offers a feeling of connection and community as families and midwives support you in a healthy pregnancy and new start to parenting.

During your centering prenatal appointments, we:

  • Perform a prenatal exam:
    • Listen, measure and evaluate your baby
    • Assess how your body is doing and make recommendations
  • Discuss your individual nutrition and practices
  • Inquire into your pregnancy-related health concerns and give recommendations
  • Answer all your questions and address any worries
  • Follow-up with necessary blood work and culture


During your birth our care team provides:

  • Nurturing and compassionate labor support
  • All necessary medical equipment to monitor and care for you and your baby
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • A complete newborn exam performed within a few hours of the birth
  • A discussion on normal newborn behavior, when to call us with concerns, as well as mother and baby care for postpartum recovery

*Add on service (additional fee): On-site placental encapsulation


Depending on the time and nature of the birth, most mothers will be discharged 3-4 hours postpartum. Moms will be establishing care with a pediatrician. We provide care for the first six weeks after the birth of your baby which includes:

On-call phone support 24 hours a day with one of your midwives for the entire 6-week postpartum period for any concerns you may have.

Postpartum visits at:

  • 2-3 days – in home visit
  • 1 week – in office visit, will refer for breastfeeding support if needed
  • 6 weeks – in office visit, well woman/well baby visit
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Discussions regarding family adjustment and development
  • Family planning consultation
  • Postpartum depression support and resources

Our Care Team
Gynecology Care

Well-Woman Gynecology Care

We provide gentle annual exams. GYN care includes:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • PAP smears
  • Vaginal cultures
  • Pelvic and breast exams
  • Various birth control options
  • Family planning/preconception counseling
  • Blood tests
  • Blood pressure check
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Natural remedies

Our Fees

Our standard birthing care package includes prenatal, labor, delivery and your stay at the birth center. It also cover postpartum care for you and your baby through 6 weeks. Additionally our premier online video education classes are included in your fee.

As the fees for your maternity care may vary based on your insurance and individual birth plan – we offer customized quotes to provide you with the most accurate pricing information. Please contact Amanda Thomas, our Office Manager, to receive your personalized care quote today.

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Please note, these services are not included in our standard care fees:

  • 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound
  • Labs uncovered by insurance
  • For Rh negative women: Rhogam, antibody screen, blood typing on baby
  • Newborn genetic screening
  • Additional group B strep cultures
  • Placenta encapsulation

Special Circumstances

Transfer during labor/birth or postpartum from birth center to hospital

In the unlikely event that a medical condition arises for you or your baby during labor, birth or postpartum, you or your baby will be transferred to the nearest hospital. One of our care providers will accompany you to the hospital and stay to support you for as long as possible. Communication by phone is encouraged as an opportunity to continue our care. Following discharge from the hospital, your midwives  will continue to care for you and your baby.

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