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Happy New Year! 🎉

The beginning of each new year offers us an opportunity to reflect on the past year. Just like when we look at our two-week-old baby and think, “have you just arrived or been here forever?”, it feels to me like I just arrived at the California Birth Center to take the position of Clinical Director, yet like I have been here much longer than twelve months.  I am somewhat amazed by all that has happened in the past year, and I look forward with hope and anticipation of what will unfold in 2023.

Growing Bellies, Growing Families 🧷


We welcomed 163 babies in 2022! Four of them on 2/22/2022…that was a busy day for families and midwives alike! Many first babies, but some 4th and 5th babies too. Every baby welcomed makes an impact on our hearts and we are grateful to witness so many families bloom and grow.

In addition to all the families we served, we had quite a few midwives and staff have babies too! Thank you for your patience in scheduling as we supported these CBC team families with maternity and family bonding leave!

    💗 Abby welcomed her second daughter and rainbow baby in January
    💗 Megan welcomed a daughter in January
    💗 Christie C welcomed a son in May
    💗 Maya welcomed a daughter in October
    💗 Leah (soon to join us) welcomed a daughter in November
    💗 And we are awaiting Alyssa’s baby due in January 2023!

Not Just Baby-Catching!

Visiting the corn maze

May 2022

We hosted our first Community Park day! Many families came and picnicked with other parents they met at classes or during their course of care. The smoky summer cleared our calendar, but in October we met at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm. Babies, pumpkins and corn dogs were a winning combination.

July 2022

We invited Kate Coletti, LM to do a Pelvic Floor Therapy Pop up clinic. It sold out in two weeks! Now she is a regular and comes monthly to offer gentle, pelvic floor therapy to women who are pregnant, postpartum, or at any other time in their life that need extra support for their pelvic floor.

September 2022

We celebrated the California Birth Center's 3rd birthday! As with all birthdays and birth-days, the unexpected sometimes happens. Smoke from the summer fires changed our plans from an outdoor celebration to an indoor one. With gratitude we accepted an offer from our neighbor, Destiny Church, to have our birthday and Nurture Birth Cooperative launch event in their gymnasium safe from poor air quality. It was the best birthday gift we could have hoped for. Our California Birth Center friends and families enjoyed food, a bouncy house, many vendors, and a fantastic raffle. One family won a California Birth Center Birth package – maybe 2023 will be the year they redeem their gift!

October 2022

We hosted an in-service educational talk for our team by an audiologist from the Center for Children’s Hearing and Talking (CCHAT) center. After they shared with us the benefits of newborn hearing screening, we made arrangements for a monthly hearing screening clinic at the birth center for our families. Thus, a community partnership was born!

December 2022

We held a diaper drive for Sierra Pregnancy Health and launched our Postpartum Support Group! Elise Planty, LM, CPM served tea and snacks to postpartum families and held space for the tender new mama time. The group was so popular that we have a waiting list for the January meeting.

We are grateful for all the blessings 2022 brought to us and our families and look forward to 2023 with hope and the possibility for more ways to serve the community!

A Sneak Peek of Things to Come

Holistic Pelvic Care

We launched our new updated website this month! You’ll find FAQs, the new blog, and many more features coming soon. We have included links to our Instagram page and Google reviews – we welcome your reviews to help other families find us.

Pinot & Paps Pap-apalooza! January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and we are celebrating by hosting an afternoon of Paps and apps (appetizers). Read more »

Welcome back, Maya Carlos, LM and Leah Laroche-Paperno, LM, CPM! In February, Maya will return after a few months of healing and enjoying her new baby. She looks forward to returning as much as we missed her in the center. Leah will also start in February. She filled in during the season of maternity leaves and we are hopeful that you will enjoy her quiet, calm presence as she becomes a more permanent part of our team.

Home Birth Division! After multiple requests by former California Birth Center families, we will offer home births on a limited monthly basis. We are still working out all the logistics, but we already have one family signed up who had their first baby at the birth center!

Newborn hearing screening pop-up

Sign up now!
Call California Birth Center at (916) 223-7731 to reserve your spot for the January 25th Hearing Screening.


We’re Grateful for You

We cannot put into words our gratitude for the families who entrust their sacred moments to us. We know that each and every baby is precious beyond measure. Although we never know with certainty what a baby’s birth story will look like, we hope that the families who come here will feel safe, loved, respected and celebrated. We encourage you to stay in touch…we wonder how your babies grow! We send you blessings to all as we begin the next chapter in The California Birth Center story!

Welcome to the Family! 

With Hugs and Blessings,

Rachel Fox-Tierney

Rachel Fox-Tierney
Clinical Director

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