Pauline Carr, LM, CPM

Pauline Carr
Birth has always been a part of my life.

My roots go back to the farm I grew up on. Helping with and observing the births of the farm animals taught me to see birth as a beautiful and normal process. I used to sleep on a lawn chair in the barn when I knew the pigs were going to birth so I could be there to watch. It is deep in my soul that babies know how to be born and they know how to get their nourishment from their mama. I loved sitting and watching in awe and wonder and only getting involved in the process if it was needed.

From a young age I knew I wanted to have a large family and I loved being involved with anything that was birth and baby related. Since that time I went on to have 12 children and have attended the births of my 12 grandchildren. I have personally experienced having my babies at a birthing center, home births(water and non-water), and hospital births (natural, cesarean, inductions, and a baby in NICU). These experiences have given me much compassion and understanding for moms and their unique births and helps me to relate to them on a personal level. It has also given me a deep knowledge from personal experience as well as education that helps me know how to navigate and support different scenarios that are outside of normal. I have felt profoundly honored to help my kids have their babies and to be able to support them however they choose to birth. Some have had hospital births with epidurals, natural birth in hospital and some have chosen to have their babies either at my home or theirs where I had the honor of catching my grand babies. I love how uniquely different we all are!

For over 20 years I have been serving women with prenatal, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding support. Women would ask me to go to their birth and help them before I even knew what a doula was. Many years ago someone told me I should become a doula and when I found out what that meant my response was, “ I am already doing that, isn’t that what women do? They help each other during birth?” It has always been in my heart and soul to empower women to find their voice and strength to do what they were created to do. After many years of birth and postpartum doula work I went on to become a licensed midwife. I graduated from National Midwifery Institute and passed the NARM exam in 2016 enabling me to become a Licensed Midwife through the Medical Board of California. I have had the honor and blessing of training and working with 5 practices in the greater Sacramento area. A great deal of my training was with Dr. Anne Marie Adams whom I went on to partner with at Abiding Grace Midwifery. I am eternally grateful for the vast amount of experience, knowledge and skill I have gained from everyone I have worked with. In addition, I have had the joy of attending over 220 births. I look forward to bringing the art of traditional midwifery, my life experiences as well as my ability to use my strengths of communication, individualism and empathy to connect with and support the women in the Sacramento area as they and their babies write their own birth story.

When I am not working with mamas and babies I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, especially at the beach. I also love cooking, exploring essential oils and herbs, writing, sunshine and laughter!