Elise Planty, LM, CPM


After the homebirth of my first baby in 2010, I felt a strong calling to midwifery that I could not ignore. With my five-month-old by my side, I took a doula training and began supporting women in all birth settings. I kept adding to my bag of tools: childbirth educator and eventually enrolled in the National Midwifery Institute to become a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife.

My other credentials include a BA in Spanish, minor in Communications, and a Massage Therapy Certification from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. While I have enjoyed working in the aforementioned fields, I have never felt so “at home” as I do in the work of Midwifery. I am honored and grateful to have finally become licensed in 2022.

My focus is to support women and families in feeling connected to their intuition and deeper wisdom as they travel this path of becoming parents. Everyone deserves consent and access to information that will help them make good choices in this childbearing/birthing journey. It’s an honor to offer this access and transparency every step of the way. I trust that our clients will ultimately make the best decisions for themselves with the support of their team.

When I am not at “work,” I enjoy being in nature with my husband and three kiddos! We love visiting our farm in Mendocino County where I have grown many medicinal herbs over the years and still make tea blends, healing ointments, and tinctures. My daughters and I have a newfound love for skating and can be found at a local roller-skating rink often! Fun fact about me: I had a couple nine-pound babies and my son clocked in at 11 pounds, 5 ounces! My home births gave me a lot of confidence and embodiment of what is possible in birth.

I hope that you have the birth of your dreams! We are here to remind you that you are incredible!

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Elise Planty, LM, CPM
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