Dr. Allan Ross, BS, DC

Vice President

Dr. Ross has always had a vast respect and passion for the natural birth process. After delivering his own two children at home with the assistance of midwife, he and his wife Staci became proficient in the Bradley method, and his wife still teaches Bradley classes currently. His passion stems from the ideology that the body was incredibly designed by our creator and is capable of amazing things, including childbirth without intervention. 

He is originally from Canada and he grew up in Calgary. He attended the University of Calgary where he received his undergraduate degree in biophysics and human performance. He chose Chiropractic as his graduate degree because it closely matched his philosophy of health and wellness. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West with Magna Cum Laude honors in 1996. He has been practicing in Roseville since 1999.

He lives in Roseville with his two children and his wife Staci. He is the co-owner of Lighthouse Wellness Center in Roseville, where his wife also works as a nutritional counselor. He maintains one of the most successful Chiropractic practices in the area in addition to serving as the Vice President and CFO of California Birth Center.

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Allan Ross, BS, DC
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