Marlene Smith

Marlene pic
“My love for midwifery is deeply rooted in my own experiences as a mother and now as a grandmother.  I have personally delivered 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls.  Their births taught me that when given the right education and support, giving birth becomes an experience like no other.  My births improved one at a time, because I learned what to ask for and what to decline.  One fateful day, I was asked to be a helper at a midwife attended birth and my life changed that night. I was captivated.  Although my births were ‘natural’ hospital births, this new way of  birth felt sacred, simple, and right.  I went on to have 3 more babies, with a midwife attending.  I knew that someday, I wanted to become skilled enough to offer midwifery care to women who were seeking truth in birth.
While working towards licensing, I was attending births as an assistant. I was raising my children and homeschooling and life was busy, and chaotic and purposeful.  I was granted a midwifery license in December 2001.  I was humbled and excited about how my life was evolving.
In the last 20 years, I have been privileged to attend over 1000 deliveries, including 25 of my 27 grandchildren.  If I get a moment with a newly born babe, I whisper in their ear, “when you are a teenager, and you don’t think your parents love you, come and find me and I will tell you about the day you were born, when they fell in love with you, and how amazed they were by you!”
I am now going to be working at the California Birth Center, continuing the work of midwifery, educating, giving care, comfort, encouragement and support as you bring your precious littles ones into your arms.  I thank you for the honor.”