Lindsey Taylor, Doula


I serve people who are looking for something more…more support, more resources, more knowledge, more understanding. 

I show them how to turn their pregnancy into a time of joy through learning and understanding the process of labor and delivery. To aid in bringing a sense of comfort and confidence , while nurturing you and every aspect of your home. I help foster a space of communication and discovery for you and your partner. 

I’m trained through ProDoula and Dona, two agencies that provide unwavering support for our ongoing education and guidance through trainings and workshops. I connect regularly with experts in our local and nationwide community to expand upon the newest research and hospital policies as well as all birthing trends. We reach hundreds of families a year to educate them on the latest and greatest products and services for our clients. 

When I’m not reminding mothers that they are enough and watching fathers become capeless superheroes, I can be found soaking up the chaos of motherhood. A blended family, four children, a husband, a home, and every inch of the beautiful mess that comes with it all!

I never in a million year thought I’d be doing this as a living. It’s a testimony to how sometimes life happens and when we learn to ride the waves it can be so much more joyful and fruitful than if we let the coral tear us open and the waves take us under. But you know what? I WAS MADE FOR THIS…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO.