What to Expect When You’re Expecting at California Birth Center

Established in 2018, California Birth Center was born from the concept that women should feel empowered and supported in their journey through natural child birth. Our fully accredited center provides an all-inclusive care package with services including prenatal and postnatal care and a home-like birthing experience. In addition to our core services, you will find groups and classes (yoga and educational) that support new families and build community. With our comprehensive care amenities, all aspects of your natural birth experience can be found under one roof – allowing you to focus on what’s most important – your growing family.

California Birth Center is unique – providing the perfect balance of the comforts of home and an intimate holistic birth environment, with the reassurance of a professionally trained staff, supported by state of the art technology. We appreciate that preparing for a new child is one of the most important experiences in your life. To ensure the most personalized level of care throughout your birth journey, we offer longer appointments, allowing you to ask questions and get to know your care team intimately.

Unlike other natural birth facilities in our area, California Birth Center’s staff also includes a consulting board certified OBGYN to provide the highest level of care. Our center features three birthing suites, in a bedroom like setting, with options including water birth.

We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can bring your desired birth experience to life

Birth Center Staff

Kaleem Joy LM, CPM, CPMT

Clinical Director

Dr. Anne Marie Adams, MD/OBGYN

Collaborative Physician

Mackenzie Leeke, LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

Marlene Smith

Licensed Midwife – LM, CPM

Megan Norgaard

Midwifery Assistant


Birth Assistant


Dr. Trisha Wimbs, BS, DC

Director / President

Dr. Trisha’s journey to owning a birth center began in 2010.  She had just finished her doctorate and she and her husband were preparing to welcome their first child. They had planned a home birth, but tragically at 35 weeks gestation, their baby passed away in utero from unknown causes. When they conceived again in late 2012, she didn’t feel comfortable birthing at home because she was considered high risk, and there was no birth center option available. It was during this time that the idea began.

She began practicing Chiropractic in 2011 and partnered with Dr. Allan Ross in 2015. Throughout her journey welcoming four children into the world and giving birth five times- the fifth at California Birth Center allowed her to experience birthing in her center herself!  Through treating a large population of pregnant women and infants through chiropractic, her passion for birth support only continued to grow.  Bringing this birth center to Placer County is important to her not only because it will allow women to be empowered and create their own birth stories, but more valuably, it will change the community.

Dr. Trisha lives in Roseville with her college sweetheart and husband Jabari. She was a division I softball player and received a full ride out of Colfax High School. She graduated from undergrad in 2005 with a degree in Human Performance. She went on to Chiropractic school and graduated with her doctorate in 2010 from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and received the Clinic Excellence Award.

She is the co-owner of Lighthouse Wellness Center where she maintains a successful practice in addition to being the President and Director of California Birth Center.

Dr. Allan Ross, BS, DC

Vice President

Dr. Ross has always had a vast respect and passion for the natural birth process. After delivering his own two children at home with the assistance of midwife, he and his wife Staci became proficient in the Bradley method, and his wife still teaches Bradley classes currently. His passion stems from the ideology that the body was incredibly designed by our creator and is capable of amazing things, including childbirth without intervention. 

He is originally from Canada and he grew up in Calgary. He attended the University of Calgary where he received his undergraduate degree in biophysics and human performance. He chose Chiropractic as his graduate degree because it closely matched his philosophy of health and wellness. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West with Magna Cum Laude honors in 1996. He has been practicing in Roseville since 1999.

He lives in Roseville with his two children and his wife Staci. He is the co-owner of Lighthouse Wellness Center in Roseville, where his wife also works as a nutritional counselor. He maintains one of the most successful Chiropractic practices in the area in addition to serving as the Vice President and CFO of California Birth Center.

Amanda Thomas

Office Manager

Amanda began her journey at Lighthouse Wellness Center in September 2018 with the intent to soon manage the California Birth Center. With a background in child development and a passion for well women’s care she is excited to provide an extraordinary client experience while providing tours of the birth center and educating our new families on what our establishment has to offer. She enjoys the personal connection that comes with welcoming new lives into the world in a natural and healthy environment. Amanda loves spending time with her family and vacationing with her husband. She is a sun seeker, dog lover, and adventure taker.

Abigail Astle

Office Assistant

Her passion in life is to serve people and what a better way to do it, than to serve families while they are bringing new life into this world. She loves that she gets the chance to welcome families warmly into the California Birth Center family. She, herself, had a water birth which was the best experience of her life and she wants others to have that experience as well. Her husband and my daughter are the light of her life. They enjoy taking walks together and spending quality time together. She enjoys creating, writing, and drawing. She also enjoys decorating and shopping.

Our Beautiful Facility

Our facility is located at:
6940 Destiny Dr.
Rocklin, CA 9567