Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams, LM, CPM

will be with us at least into Autumn 2022 before she heads off to the Midwest for other midwifery adventures. “I started my midwifery career with the goal of serving under-resourced areas around the world with compassionate and loving midwifery care. Academically, I studied with National College of Midwifery while training clinically in a busy charity, birthing center in the Philippines. After completing my training, I spent the next 7 years working as a midwife and setting up primary care clinics in rural Africa (South Sudan and Mozambique) as a missionary. Upon returning from Africa, I completed a Masters of Midwifery degree with Midwives College of Utah. Stephanie is an adjunct professor with a midwifery school in WI and is a passionate advocate for equity in midwifery education. I have had the joy of practicing midwifery since 2009.”