Kaleem Joy LM, CPM, CPMT

Kaleem Joy

Welcome! I am so grateful you are here today.

I am Kaleem Joy LM, CPMT, CPM the Clinical Director for the California Birth Center. I have been a midwife since 1994 and have served hundreds of families in the home setting. I worked pediatrics at Children Hospital and Scripps Clinic in San Diego as an RN from 1983-2004. During that time I cared for children in the special care nursery and well baby clinic.

In my midwifery career, I have been passionate about education and support. It is essential to the birthing family so they can create an experience they can take ownership for and become empowered. As a midwife, I support the values of self determination and trust in the natural process of pregnancy and birth. I foster education in natural health care, nutrition and emotional preparation for birth and parenting. It is a core value that birth is a transformational experience for the birth giver, baby and family. I respect the moment of birth and beyond as a key time to set a foundation for confident parenting. I am passionate that the baby is respected and celebrated at their birth. That the baby is in connection with the birth giver and partner to establish trust and confidence in the world and their innate desire to explore their new expanded world.

In being a certified pediatric massage therapist, I have the opportunity to work with newborns and their parents. I specialize in feeding issues and assisting newborns in relieving tension and restriction of movements causing discomfort and feeding challenges.

In my personal life, I love being in nature and going hiking, biking and kayaking. I am in search for waterfalls every opportunity I can. My time at the river or lake is very renewing for me. It is there my mind can create and imagine new opportunities to serve and support in my life work.

I am grateful you are choosing to birth your baby in trust of what you, your body and your baby know how to do. Choosing to learn how to be healthy, prevent complications and create an empowering experience. I am grateful for your family support team that will walk this journey with you. You are amazing, strong and powerful! I believe in you!”