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We offer individualized comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care for you and your baby through 6 weeks of age. Our birth support services specialize in natural birth and water birth options. In addition, we offer annual well-woman care and a community of care providers and resources. Our home-like birthing center provides families with the ideal combination of home comforts for the natural birth experience together with the confidence inspired by licensed and certified healthcare professionals, all supported by up-to-date technology to handle common birth concerns. But for those situations that need more care than our midwives can provide, we are just over one mile from the hospital.

We believe that a woman/person should feel empowered and be in control of their birth plan. At California Birth Center, you can customize your birth experience by choosing from a wide range of services and options including water birth.

We provide all the resources you need for your custom birth plan, including:


Our Services

The California Birth Center is an all-inclusive facility offering our clients holistic and maternity services including prenatal care, labor support, postpartum follow-up care through 6 weeks and well-woman gynecological care. We offer a full range of services for expecting and new parents including:
Maternity Care
Prenatal Care
Gynecology Care

Meet the Team

Our center is staffed by caring and accommodating professionals who provide a unique and customized birth experience.


Learn more about natural birth and ways to complement your birthing experience with our network of support resources.

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Lydia YoungLydia Young
20:13 09 Jun 21
The best birth experience ever!!!I absolutely recommend The California Birth Center for women who want unmedicated births! I had my first baby at the center and it was a wonderful, positive experience. All my prenatal appointments were mellow, quick, and I always left feeling assurance in my decision to birth there. My midwife, Marlene, would give me information, and allowed me to make educated decisions for myself as I progressed in my pregnancy.At 42 weeks, my midwife helped me to get labor going, as I did not want to go to the hopsital, and I had an unmedicated birth. I gave birth to a big, healthy 9lb 8oz baby girl in just under 5 hours of total labor and delivery.The after care was phenomenal! The midwife assistants were so kind, and gentle, always helping me walk, offering to make me food, and checked in with me just often enough that I felt secure, but not too often as to interrupt my sleep.I was considering a home birth, but this center helped me feel secure and safe while not wanting drug intervention. If you are seeking a home birth experience, but are nervous about not having professionals in case something went wrong, the California Birth Center is the perfect middle.Thank you, CBC for helping me bring my baby girl into this world!
Mia GableMia Gable
22:18 04 Feb 21
The California Birth Center and everyone I’ve met there has forever changed my view on pregnancy, delivery, and now even my parenting, for the better. The decisions I was educated and empowered to make as a pregnant woman have carried into how I now care for my baby, and I couldn’t give enough stars for an experience that has shaped me as a parent that I will carry for a lifetime! The midwives and staff truly have an incredible calling to do this work, and it shows. The prenatal and postpartum care are above and beyond what you would experience at any other medical setting, and my labor and delivery could not have gone more perfectly thanks to the amazing team here. I was always so excited for my appointments and was sad when my time with the center was up! My baby boy was welcomed with so much love. The California Birth Center is such a special place, and I am so grateful that my path led me to them.
Lenna KayLenna Kay
21:51 04 Feb 21
Words cannot describe how glad I am to have chosen California Birthing Center as a place to give birth to my son. Before I even got pregnant, I knew wanted to give a natural birth and if possible a water birth. Once I got pregnant I came a cross this amazing birthing center. First my sister in Law gave birth here and couple more women I know off and they raved about their experience. I decided to go with California birthing center because it gave me the flexibility to be in an environment that supported and uplifted women’s body and how capable we are of giving birth naturally. They were extremely focused on me and my needs during pregnancy, with lots of tips and information and Never pushed anything on me that I didn’t want. When it came to labor it’s self; I let my midwife Marlene know I am showing signs of labor and once the time came I let her know I am ready to come in the center. She met me there and prepared my bath, checked me and I got in. Hours flew by as a labored in peace, quiet, and harmony! As the midwifes would come and check on me making sure me and the baby were doing great! As the time came to push I couldn’t push my baby in the tub I was then redirected to the bed and helped change potions to get him out safely. After trying 3 different potions with my midwifes help I was able to push him out and had a perfectly healthy boy. I got to go home couple hours after birth and I was beyond happy to be home and get my rest at home. The next day the midwife came to my house for a check up and after a week I came back to the center for a wellness check those lasted up to 6 weeks. My baby is now 3 months old and he’s doing amazing and so am I. If you’re looking for a natural birthing experience I recommend this amazing center. All the staff is sweet, caring and friendly I loved going to all my visits and all my needs were met. They made birth not scary but instead an empowering experience that I would love for every women to experience.
Jenny PriorJenny Prior
17:16 03 Mar 20
I had an incredible prenatal, birth and post partum care experience at California Birth Center! They really cared about me, my baby, and our family. I felt supported and empowered with information to make the care choices that were best for me and my baby. My husband felt supported as well!The facilities are incredible but the staff’s care and knowledge is the best part. I also loved the online record keeping and communication system. All my questions, concerns, and inquiries about labor were answered quickly. Thankful to have had our baby there!!!
Katelyn MoellerKatelyn Moeller
19:04 28 Feb 20
I had such an incredible experience at the California Birth Center! Every person who is on staff here is an amazing human being. Scheduling with Amanda was always a seamless and fast experience, plus she is SO kind, very responsive, and helpful. My midwives Pauline and Mackenzie were top notch during my prenatal care. They are both knowledgeable, experienced, and genuinely sweet women who are passionate about pregnancy and birth, which shows in the level of care they give to their clients. They both spent time connecting with me during our appointments which gave me a lot of confidence that my birthing experience would be great based off of how awesome my prenatal care was. I was truly blown away with the team when it was time to actually have my baby. Birth is where Pauline, Mackenzie, and my Doula Michelle really shine! All three of these women are the reason my birth experience was so positive, calm, and smooth. Michelle literally tended to my every need which allowed Pauline and Mackenzie to expertly focus on me and the baby during my birth experience. The whole team was like a well oiled machine and they all were so incredibly positive and encouraging. Everyone should receive this level of care when having a baby!!